PERFECTION is for Procrastinators: Blogpreneur Morgan Tells You Why

PERFECTION is for Procrastinators: Blogpreneur Morgan Tells You Why

Perfection is for procrastinators - Morgan tells you why

Perfection is for procrastinators.

Puoi leggere la versione italiana di questo articolo qui: Il Perfezionismo è per i Procrastinatori Seriali: Morgan SPiega Perché.


Today I am not alone talking to you on this blog.

It is amazing when you find other people living on the opposite part of the globe sharing your own beliefs and lifestyle.

It was truly a surprise to meed Morgan on Instagram and now she will share her experience as a full-time blogger with YOU!

Keep on reading this post if you want to know why perfection is blocking your blogger carreer and 5 Creative Ways to Create Content When You Don’t Have a Clue What to Share.

You will be suprised by the energy and positivity of this girl!

Let’s go!


Who is Morgan and why perfection can block you

Oh, before we start, let me introduce you Morgan, this awesome chica!

Morgan Tyner - BlogpreneurMORGAN TYNER


Instagram: @chicaconfident

Morgan Tyner is your RAW truth provider, direct, genuine + wicked capable creator bestie you’ve always wanted. A vibrant speaker, life coach & business mentor, Morgan’s genius is helping women embrace their capabilities, take messy action & monetize their passions of creating via their authentic voice.  founded in 2017 exists to empower, educate, and enrich the professional skills, lives, & relationships of entrepreneurially-minded bloggers everywhere.


Honestly, I met Morgan by change on Instagram and she immediately blew my mind!

Ever happened to you to meet a person and feel, at first glance, you have a lot in common? That is exaclty what happened to me when I first ran into Morgan’s profile on Instagram!

She is a strong woman and made her dream of becoming a full time blogger reality.

How she succeded in doing this?

With a lot of work and dedication, of course, but also … the ability to understand that perfection is a block to our creative work and we have to fight against it every day to walk towards our dreams!

Avoid the Perfection-Trap!


Many people never start doing something if the conditions, the tools, their knowledge, the enviroment is not PERFECT.

They suffer for insecirity for what they can achieve in life and lack of self-esteem.

Wanna know the truth?

You will never achieve that perfection YOU have in your mind.

This is just a trap, an excuse your mind tells you to just procrastinate and not taking that actions that can change your life forever.

You will never be ready, never own the perfect tools or environment. The best way to achieve something is simply starting acting TODAY.

[bctt tweet=”Only action produces results.” username=”monicpirozzi”]

So stop procrastinating and thinking over perfection.

Read now the awesome words by Morgan and start applying her 5 creative ways to create content when you really have NO inspiration!



Perfection RoadBlock and 5 Creative Ways to Create Content – by Morgan Tyner

Inspirational video after inspirational video I watched seeking clarity. I sat totally stumped with zero clue where to begin with my Blogger Influencer platform as a ChicaEntrepreneur . My ability to take action was Roadblocked out of fear that my content was not good enough. My Fear of Rejection kept me totally handcuffed.

How to create a money making startup right now

What’s keeping YOU handcuffed from creating Your Blogpreneur ChicaBusiness ? For 6 years my Blogging was solely a hobby. My topics were scattered. Then, I decided to dive in make it a Full-time Blogpreneur Business.

Unfortunately, I began zoning in from the wrong perspective.

What do I mean by that?

Well, (for a long time) I tried to scale my ChicaBlog  by doing what OTHER Blogger Influencers were doing, rather than pursuing what I was truly passionate about and what reflected My Core Chica Values . For example, Angela Lanter (who was — and currently is — one of my favorite Blogger Influencers) made content about Skincare Routines, Makeup Tutorials, Fashion Tips, etc. She was (and is) very clearly successful.

So, I tried curating videos and written content in similar niches. Truly, I wasn’t passionate about teaching these particular topics. And what’s worse — curating content on the basis of what seemed to work for Angela was not bringing ME more ChicaSuccess . In fact, it was making me totally lost, fully frustrated, and utterly discouraged!

How to create a startup as a female entrepreneur

Have YOU ever felt these daunting Roadblocks?

I’ve learned a lot in my Journey to becoming a Full-time Blogger Influencer with my ChicaBusiness . And if there’s anything I’d want YOU to learn from me, right now (if YOU are wanting to become a Full-time ChicaEntrepreneur ) it would be this simple TRUTH BOMB:

“Dive Into Blog Creating Even When It’s Not “Perfect”, and Speak YOUR OWN, Unique Value.”

Perfection is for procrastinators

Now, creating content that sings to the tune of Your Authentic, Unique ChicaVoice  is key.

But, You want to be sure that Your content is something Your audience really craves and needs. I’m going to share with You 5 Creative Ways to Create Content When You Don’t Have a Clue What to Share.


#1 Ask Your Audience

Yep, it’s that simple. Your content is helping a specific person. So, that person’s input is truly invaluable. You can send out an email saying “I Want to Hear From YOU and What YOU Want to See Next”.

You can run polls on Instagram My Stories, You can ask in Facebook Groups where Your target audience interacts.

Even if You have a small audience and are just start starting off — You can search or Pinterest and discover what Your Audience is Searching for, organically.

Bottom line — people are very transparent when it comes to the internet. WE curate the make-up of what is being searched/what is needed amidst the internet.


#2 Solicit a Guest Post

I’m super protective of my ChicaBlog’s  Voice. And You should be, too! But, allowing a guest article every once and awhile comes with TONS of added value and opportunities for new content ideas — for the times You don’t have a clue what to say next! (We’ve ALL been there perfection is for procrastinator).

Open up this guest posting opportunity maybe once a month?

Collaborate with another amazingBlogger Influencer who shares Your similar interests and lives the same Value System (that latter is extremely important). You will curate an even wider (ideal and targeted) audience base, and it will build further connections and appreciation among fellow,ChicaEntrepreneurs ™ in Your sphere of Influence.

There is NO reason to go at this Journey alone.


#3 Explore new Amazing Cultures

This tip acts as more of a tactical, useful, genuine reboot than anything else.  And no, I don’t mean You have to go across the world to gather up more Inspiration for Your ChicaBlog  (though I’ve done that before how to overcome perfection).

You can simply go somewhere You are familiar with near to home, and when You go — make sure your pay special attention to Your entireUnique Experience!

Sit back, take a deep breath, and let your Creative Juices get to flowing!

You’ll be AMAZED how quickly new ideas come stemming to life as a ChicaBlogger  in these types of peaceful, fully engaged circumstances!


#4 Go Visual With Content

The Visual Component in content creating should never be ignored, Chica.

As people, our interest is sparked in a number of diverse ways!

Video (for example) allows you to implement Your ChicaWisdom  in a different way.

Maybe you don’t feel like writing an article, today? Prop up Your phone in front of you, push record, and speak Your genuine, educational tips in Video format instead.

Getting used to being on video is invaluable, as video and audio content are continually growing! And, you’ll discover that authentic, valuable truth bombs come out of your head & heart when you offer up content in diverse formats.


#5 Help Readers Define Themselves

We are always trying to understand Our True ChicaSelves  better (even if it’s subconsciously).

If Your content is created with the Purpose of helping readers define Who They Are, You’ll have amazing content to create — even at times you don’t have a clue WHAT to create. And, you will gain instant engagement from your readers.

Picture this: you’re a Fashion Blogger Influencer on a highly-curated Fashion Blog. You see a title of a blog post: “My Shoes Tell My Story”. You’re instantly intrigued and truly curious, so you click. You read all about how a — once insecure Chica — truly believes her shoes tell Her Story: once lost, afraid to speak her own Truth, but then when she tried on this amazing pair of shoes — her confidence was rooted and she felt more fully herself and alive. So, NOW she shares how fashion (more specifically, this pair of shoes) tells Her Unique Story of flourishing from a place of Insecurity and Doubt to a place of Confidence and Self-Assurance.

Boom! Instant engagement from the Fashion Blogger Influencer. How likely do YOU think this Fashion Blogger Influencer reader will be to share this post with her fashion enthusiast friends? And then, how likely are those friends to share the post with others? Content that connects with Your audience and helps them define themselves is key.

It’s Engaging, Encouraging, and Evergreen.

How to monetize your passion starting right now

If YOU (or anyone you know in the Blogpreneur sphere how to overcome perfection) is struggling right now with Monetizing a Passion  — I have an awesome readiness test!!!

This will get the ball rolling & get you thinking about Your Business — what works/where you stand in your Content Creating Journey! It’s super helpful & my ChicaStudents  have said it’s directed their focus to meet their Startupgoals AND and it’s taken away some of that dang overwhelm! ?

Create Creative Content.

So, put some thought into it, just put it out there (no matter how “perfect” it seems). Rinse & Repeat this ChicaProcess . Your effort will certainly pay off in the long run if You simply make the ChicaBrave ™ Choice to keep showing up to Your ChicaBlog  as a unique, authentic, genuine ChicaEntrepreneur !

Phewww! Okay. If You’re not sure what to do with Your Content or how often to create new content, OR if you’re just confused about online Blogger Influencer Marketing in general — make sure YOU sign-up for my FREE Weekly guidance, that teaches YOU how to get the ball rolling and walks You through these ChicaSteps .

Are you ready to be another success story? Tell me in the comments how YOU curate authentic content — even when the odds are against You!!! perfection is for procrastinator???

P.S. If you enjoyed reading Morgan’s advice about perfection block and content creation, you can share this article with a friend.
We will be very happy to know what you think!
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Di Monica

Copywriter & Copywriting Coach ♡

32 commenti

  1. I can completely agree that trying to have everything perfect is daunting. I loved writing my blog posts and sharing my knowledge. Until I started overthinking the process and trying to make it perfect. I stopped my own motivation. Now, I’m back on and feeling great again! Not so perfect me works wonderfully!

    1. I can totally relate!
      I also experienced the same feeling a few months ago. Then I decided that writing is a process, something that I do because I enjoy it and I should not please the perfection of anyone.
      Outside there are lots of people who are willing to have advices, so why don’t share my knowledge with them?

      Your blog rocks bu the way!
      Good luck! <3

    1. So happy you appreciated! Morgan knows how to put motivation in other people and inspire a change!
      I hope you will start your blogging carreer soon!
      Monica <3

  2. WOW. Talk about informative and inspiring. This post had me nearly in tears just thinking about how I can get creative with the things I’m passionate about on my blog. No more just conforming to what everyone else is doing or sitting there being a total perfectionist (in a bad way) – but just getting excited about all the things I’m doing well and having fun with it!

    1. Having fun and not thinking to be perfect just for other people’s sake is the key to enjoy this blogging carreer.
      So happy Morgan’s words inspired you and I hope you will do even better on your blog feeling you are not alone in your struggles and problems online.
      We all share that but we can support each other to overcome them!
      Lots o luck to you! 😀

      Monica <3

    1. You ABSOLUTELY must check out Morgan’s blog!
      She is a blast of motivatin and positivity! She inspired me soooo much!
      I love your idea of progress and I will make it mine to do things even better.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thought with us, it means a looot to me!

      Monica <3

    1. Yeah so true!
      You have a great motivation Carolyn!
      Thank so much for sharing your thoughts with us, it will help a loto of people to give up their perfection trap!

      Monica <3

  3. I love that you called it the perfection trap, because that is so true. I have gone days without posting because my standards don’t live up to others.

    1. So nice, this is exactly what I felt and I also had the same problem.
      I didn’t post because I felt th content was not “good enough”?
      According to what standards? Then I asket to myself.
      It tuned out to be my own impossibile perfectionist standards and so I started giving up perfectionism and producing loooots of content!
      Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

      Monica <3

  4. I totally agree with you on this! I get in the habit of limiting myself because I think everything should be perfect or it’s not good enough. I try so hard to not let that dictate the kind of content I put out, but sometimes it gets the best of me. Thank you for sharing this babe.

    1. Thanks so much dear, so happy Morgan inspired you!
      I had the same problems as your and now when I find myself indulging in perfection I try to say:
      “Hey, this is just bellshit! Go on!”
      And I produce more content! 😀

      Monica <3

    1. Totally true and I also find it destroies your creative soul.
      I used to produce very few content when I was a crazy perfectionist, but now I produce a lot and i feel very happy with myself and my results!
      Every results comes from doing and doing A LOT!

      Monica <3

  5. This is so true, I found it’s much better to post a blog post and make edits and changes if needed rather than keeping it in the drafts folder forever! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah! I also strated doing that and It is a lot less frustrating!
      You see you are producing a lot of content and you have new ideas for more!
      Then, if you want to make it better you can always revision everything :D!


  6. This is so true – I think I strive for perfection over progress sometimes which makes me paralyzed and leads to procrastination. I really need to stop that way of thinking! Great post!

    1. Just go and do whatever you feel to do!
      Writing, creating visual content, it doesn’t matter, do it!
      There will always be people who will like your content and others that say it is shit.
      It is part of the process, the important thing is to have fun and other people will follow you if you feel good and grateful!
      Enjoy and good luck!

      Monica <3

  7. I agree with this completely as well. I’m also struggling with finding a balance between being and entrepreneur and doing the “fun” things like content creation. I recently opened up my blog to other writers and it’s made a huge difference.

    1. Yeah it really makes the difference and it enriched you in an incredible way!
      Especially if you find someone so incredible as Morgan! And there are lots of amazing people out there with which to collaborate we justhave to stick and find them!
      Good luck for your blog dear! SO happy for this new adventure!
      Monica <3

    1. Yeah Morgan is absolutely amazing and I am so greatful having met her!
      SHe really knows what she is saying because she experimented everything on her skin.
      It is awesome how much value she can provide to us!

      Lots of luck dear!
      Monica <3

  8. I loved this post so much!! I think it’s so important to be completely authentic to yourself and that will speak volumes to readers. People can sense authenticity! I think asking your audience what they want to hear/see more of is another super helpful tip. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks Megan! <3
      As bloggers we write to people and we try to be as helpful as possible.
      Hearing the audience is amazing and seeing them having results thanks to our words is just magic!

      Lots of luck to you <3


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